Group setup

SedyMONT consists of 6 individual projects (IPs) and 2 associated projects (APs). The research goals will be achieved by three general working groups in which all project partners participate (WG monitoring, modelling, interpretation) and four topical working groups (TG hillslopes and channels, glacial/periglacial settings, climate and hydrology, connectivity) in which the project participants are divided based on their expertise and research interest (see Figure).

SedyMONT group setup

Collaboration within SedyMONT will be fostered through joint workshops of the WG interpretation, modelling and monitoring, and topical meetings of individual TGs. During WG workshops, the general research needs relevant to the SedyMONT scopes and objectives will be discussed, and required research efforts be identified. The details of the research programs for each site that result from workshops of the working groups (WGs) will be coordinated by the topical working groups (TGs) that desing and discuss research tasks of the individual projects guided by principal investigators (PIs) and associated partners (APs). This organization ensures that individual tasks at each sites will be strongly coordinated within the scopes of SedyMONT, and that results will become accessible to the whole SedyMONT group.

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