Impressions from the SedyMONT Summer School

Impressions from ESF TOPO-EUROPE SedyMONT Summer School on Detecting Landscape Change
August 31 - September 08, 2010, Loen, Norway.


SedyMONT Summerschool 2010 - Impressions from the field
A proglacial lake in the forefield of the Bodalsbreen.

The ESF TOPO-EUROPE SedyMONT Workshop and Summer School on Detecting Landscape Change was held from August 31 to September 8, 2010 in Loen (Nordfjord), western Norway. The ESF funded and NGU co-sponsored Workshop and Summer School was organised by Achim A. Beylich (NGU, NTNU), Katja Laute (NTNU, NGU) and Fritz Schlunegger (University of Bern) and included a wide spectrum of lectures, field presentations of geo-scientific methods and techniques, field excursions to the SedyMONT key test sites Erdalen and Bødalen (for location see map), and group works.

Group photo at the Erdalen catchment
Group photo at the Erdalen catchment.
The programme, extended abstracts of lectures and field presentations, as well as information on field excursions are compiled in the abstract volume, which is available at
39 Participants (24 PhD Students and 15 Lecturers) from 15 countries with a wide spectrum of different geo-scientific backgrounds had fruitful discussions and an intensive exchange of knowledge and experiences.


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