IP 4 - Test Sites

Test sites of the individual project 4:

Test site details Pasterze & Obersulzbachkees

 Pasterze (image)Obersulzbachkees (image)
Glockner group, Upper Tauern Monutain Range,
Province of Carinthia, Austria
Venediger group, Upper Tauern Monutain Range,
Province of Salzburg, Austria
329314 | 5215150 (UTM 33 N)
294884 | 5222000 (UTM 33 N)
Elevation (a.s.l.)
1980-3789 m2060-3656 m
Catchment size
38.5 km² (real 2D surface area)20 km² (real 2D surface area)
glacial shaped valley
metamorphic rocks, mainly prasinite and amphibolite,
calcareous mica schists and gneisses
metamorphic rocks, mainly tonalite and gneisses
Geomorphic processes
glacial, periglacial, gravitational and glacifluvial,
rock falls, debris flows, avalanches and creep
Storage / sink elements
valley fillings, debris-/talus-/avalanche cones,
debris covered slopes
Human influence
Hydro power (reservoir) directly downstream the investigated
catchment, some tourism (Glocknerhaus, Franz-Josefs-Höhe)
some tourism

Period of observations

2008 – 2011

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