IP 5 - Project

Erdalen and Bødalen site project (Nordfjord,western Norway): Holocene, sub-recent and present-day source-to-sink-fluxes in a valleyfjord system.

Research scopes

The innovative approach of this new project is the integrated quantitative study of longer-term (Holocene), sub-recent and contemporary sedimentary fluxes, budgets and process rates using a novel combination of advanced methods and techniques.

With respect to the main aims and objectives of ESF SedyMONT, the following main key aims of the Erdalen and Bødalen site project can be stressed:

  • Analyse how the inheritance of the landscape due to the influence of the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) has affected process rates over time (paraglacial system),
  • Document changes in process rates over different timescales by combining existing quantitative knowledge on Holocene process rates with newly generated data on sub-recent and contemporary process rates.

Research methods

Monitoring programme in combination with repeated analyses of surface water chemistry, atmospheric solute inputs and granulometric analyses of suspended sediments provide high-resolution data to analyse and quantify present-day sedimentary and solute fluxes as well as sediment sources, denudation rates, and meteorological and topographic / landscape morphometric controls of denudative processes. In addition to standard methods for monitoring bedload transport, innovative techniques like shock sensors / pit tags and biofilm analysis are applied to analyse channel stability / mobility and bedload transport rates. The volume and composition of lake sediments are studied using echo-sounder, georadar and freeze coring. Investigations on volumes and architecture of storage elements (valley infills, talus cones) using different geophysical methods like georadar and seismic refraction surveys are carried out to further improve the quantitative knowledge on Holocene process rates. Detailed mapping is performed and interpreted in combination with analysis of digital elevation models (DEM), aerial photos and orthophotos.

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