Milestones & Deliverables

The project will deliver

  • process-based comprehension of the sites,
  • understanding of process rates and magnitude-frequency relations across scales,
  • reconstructed time series and chronologies of erosion and sediment transport in the study basins,
  • methods to assess the effects of geomorphic connectivity,
  • quantification of in-situ erosion rates in channels, and
  • methods to predict topographic response to climate change.

The collected and ellaborated data will be made accessible to the public by a central online database on a devoted project webpage. Because the project is explicitely designed to analyze how representative European topographies have changed in the last decades, we will produce a quantitative database for predicting how the landscape will respond to ongoing warming.

A major deliverable of the project will be in higher education. The Individual Projects will be funding PhD students who will be encouraged to work in an interdisciplinary fashion and build their own networking within the CRP and between CRPs. Regular within-CRP workshops for the funded PhD students will be organized to foster the education component of the project.

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