SedyMONT Kick-Off

The SedyMONT Kick-Off meeting was held from 06.-08.02.2009 in Leuk, Switzerland. Please klick here for the minutes of the meeting.

Meeting programme:

  1. TOPO-EUROPE (TE) presentation (Schlunegger )
  2. SedyMONT (SM) presentation (Schlunegger)
  3. Individual IP 1-6 and AP 1-2 presentations
  4. Discussion of SedyMONT scope
  5. Duties
  6. Plans




University of Bern
Institute of Geological Sciences
University of Salzburg
Department of Geography and Geology
Technical University of Vienna
Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics
ETH Z├╝rich
Institute of Environmental Engineering
Geological Survey of Norway (NGU)
Quarternary Geology & Climate Group, Trondheim
Technical University of Darmstadt
Institute of Applied Geosciences
University of Durham
Department of Geography
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